The H.E.R. Couture Story

H.E.R. Couture founder Shannon V. made the move from corporate life into fashion and retail sales in October 2013 when she opened her first consignment store in Commerce, Michigan.  She had been buying and consigning her items with local shops for years, however, was disenchanted by how many shops treated their customers. She loved the fun of finding deals on fashion, but most resale and consignment shops provided no specialized services. Realizing  there where so many great rarely used items that could be given new life with others, she wanted to create a unique and comfortable environment where people felt special and safe in her own shop.   The goal was to combine the love of fashion and vintage clothing with her knowledge of business and sales to create a unique shopping experience for customers; one where people could not only find affordable, high-end and one-of-a-kind pieces, but also individualized stylist expertise.

Given that she had been swapping items with her friends and online for years she parlayed that into online E-Commerce sales in addition to the in-store merchandise and consignment sales.  Shannon then opened her second retail location in Waterford, Michigan in 2015.  By the summer of 2018 online sales had expanded so rapidly the decision was made to completely move all sales to a new E-Commerce platform.

Today, H.E.R. Couture operates exclusively as an online E-Commerce marketplace serving our great customers all over the world!  From our humble starts on Ebay, Tradesy, and Etsy, H.E.R. Couture now sells thousands of great items daily on our own online store!  We love bringing great deals and unique fashions to people and the we’re excited to continue growing and providing amazing items and service to our customers!  😊

Shannon V.

Owner – H.E.R. Couture